Whippersnapper \  Biography


jason - guitar
mike - guitar
pat - drums
andy b - bass
andy - vocals

Whippersnapper's been playing aggressive music since 1992 - when they were 13. The five-piece gelled into a rock-solid new school punk band by the time they were 16 and signed their first record deal just before they graduated from high school. For the next five years they toured incessantly, playing in America and abroad with bands like Strung Out, Lagwagon, The Queers, and Hot Water Music. Over time the band has developed a live show that is at once tight and explosive. Their latest batch of songs, produced by Less Than Jake's Roger Lima, is as musically connected to Detroit Rock City as it is to Southern California. It attacks with as much surgical precision as raw power, with more dynamic changes and hooks than anything you've heard in the last year. This is what classic rock would be like if you gave it a haircut, a high-gain amplifier, and some amphetamines. Put your fists in the air.