jason - guitar
mike - guitar
pat - drums
andy b - bass
andy - vocals

Whippersnapper's been playing aggressive music since 1992 - when they were 13. The five-piece gelled into a rock-solid new school punk band by the time they were 16 and signed their first record deal just before they graduated from high school...
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Whippersnapper — Sleeping Cure lyrics

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Do you remember yesterday? You made a promise for tomorrow And I woke up alone and you were gone. Things seem much more clear today, It didn't matter anyway I woke up too late and found The knives were all missing A note in the kitchen reads 'you never listen I've left the door locked and I'm gone' Sentimental value is gone. It's over now. I went for a walk today I thought I saw you standing, smiling So I just turned my back and wandered on. It's easy to get angry, it's easier to drown the memory But I'm too proud to think I might be wrong There are pills on the nightstand for sleeping so I can push you away from my mind. Sentimental value is gone. It's over now.