Ten Shekel Shirt
Ten Shekel Shirt (INO / EPIC Records) merges melodic college rock with Brit pop/rock.

Their acoustic driven 2001 debut album Much sold 130 000 units and featured the #1 hit Ocean. The new project Risk is a “radio-ready” rock album with a soul, featuring solid organic grooves, electric complexity and haunting melodies...
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Ten Shekel Shirt
Ten Shekel Shirt

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Ten Shekel Shirt — Peace With You lyrics

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It's nice to be at peace with You
It's fine with me to be close to You

My eyes are fixed on You, oh Lord
I see You, I see You
My hands are clean
My heart is pure
You washed me, thank You

I used to be attracted to
The things of this world
And I used to be at war with You
Now I'm fighting on Your side


My love for You is unashamed
I love You, I love You
My guilt is gone, I'm free to fly
Inside, inside

I used to be entangled by
The things of this world
And I used to seem so far from You
Now I feel You by my side