Ten Shekel Shirt
Ten Shekel Shirt (INO / EPIC Records) merges melodic college rock with Brit pop/rock.

Their acoustic driven 2001 debut album Much sold 130 000 units and featured the #1 hit Ocean. The new project Risk is a “radio-ready” rock album with a soul, featuring solid organic grooves, electric complexity and haunting melodies...
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Ten Shekel Shirt
Ten Shekel Shirt

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Ten Shekel Shirt — House Of Memories (Lindsay's Song) lyrics

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You're my hero little girl
You always save the day with your smile
You know I'm in love
With the one behind those pretty eyes

I will build for all time
A house of memories
Just for you and I
There you'll find
Rooms inside
Filled with laughter, joy
And your daddy's pride
Around the table
And down the hall
We'll chase each other
Till the laughter makes us fall
In the evening
We'll lay our heads down
And thank God for these memories

You're my angel
Sending messages of love
You're my future
A part of me that carries on