Steve Forbert
Steve Forbert was born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi, an historic city whose position as a crucial Confederate railroad hub was such that it ultimately drew the unwelcome attention of one General William Tecumseh Sherman (who is said to have proclaimed, as he rode out of sight, “Meridian is no more...
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Steve Forbert \  Jackrabbit Slim \  January 23-30, 1978

Steve Forbert — January 23-30, 1978 lyrics

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Plane comes down on the old runway
Home again for a week I'll stay
Hanging out like I used to do
Hope to find some old friends I knew

Hear the news in the honky tonk
who got married, yes and who split up
Drinking beer while the jukebox plays
Brand new songs for brand new days

Quiet nights and empty streets
Sleepy town, humble home
Same old waltz in the wind
By the railroad track

Riding out to a country bridge
Moonlight shining across the ridge
Frozen trees 'neath a billion stars
7 friends jammed in Robby's car

High as kites and wild and gone
Drunk as well and laughing loud
Back at home I say good night (good night)
And I close the door

Sunday morning the church bell rings
The organ plays and the choir sings
Where am I while the preacher speaks?
Dreaming dreams 'neath my sheets asleep

Waking up and trying to think
What went down, what'd we do?
I rub my eyes and I shake my head
And feel the sun

Plane takes off on the old runway
Snow fell light on the ground today
Lost an hour that I gained before
Headed back to my New York door

Fare thee well, adios, adieu
And best of luck to all of you
I ain't no saint and I don't pretend to be
But I hope you all found a friend in me

City lights blink and shine
Down below, let it change
It's often said that life is strange
Oh yes, but compared to what?