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Steve Forbert was born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi, an historic city whose position as a crucial Confederate railroad hub was such that it ultimately drew the unwelcome attention of one General William Tecumseh Sherman (who is said to have proclaimed, as he rode out of sight, “Meridian is no more...
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Steve Forbert — Gambling Barroom Blues lyrics

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(Jimmie Rodgers)

I went down to the corner, just to meet my gal,
saw her standing on the sidewalk, talking to my pal.
I strolled back to the bar room, to get another drink of gin.
Next thing I was reelin', rocking and drunk again.

ref:Hay-ee-hay-hoo-a-ha-ha bo-hoo-hey-ho gamblin bar room blues

I kept drinking gin and ligour, to way up in the night,
(then) my pal came to the bar room, we had an awful fight.

I reached down for my razor, and we knocked around, but when I pulled
my pistol, I quickly smoked him down.


I went to see my baby, and met her on the way,
told her I had to leave her, told her I couldn't stay.
I went down to the station, stopped in at the bar,
there I met a policeman, riding in a motor car.

We both drank lots of liqour, that flat footed cop and I,
I thought he'd never leave me, Lord, I thought I'd die.
My baby came in to join us, and it began to rain, then I had
to hurry, hurry, to catch that midnight train.

I laid my head on the ballroom door, I never get drunk anymore,
I found my watch and my golden chain, I found my babys diamond ring.
Police, police, police, you're just as drunk as me,
I grabbed that all eight-wheeler, and went to the deep blue sea-ee.