After having scored 10 consecutive Top 40 hits, it was time to release a Greatest Hits collection. The latest album release from Rednex is “The Best of The West”. It includes the 4 million-sellers “Cotton Eye Joe”, “Old Pop In An Oak”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Spirit Of The Hawk”, the other 6 singles and a bunch of new tracks...
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Rednex — The Spirit of the Hawk lyrics

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He am my hero
He am my love
High on a hillside
Heaven Above

Drifting through high and low
We fly away
Me and my hero
Me and my love

The Spirit Of The Hawk


He am my warrior
He am my brave
He gonna fight a war
Freedom to save

He gonna fight for love
Far away
Me and my warrior
Me and my brave

My people,
Some of them have run away to the hills,
and have no shelter, no food, no-one knows where they are.
Hear me my chiefs, I am tired.
My heart is sick and sad
I will fight no more....

Written by Axel Breitung for Bishop Songs Publishing
Produced & mixed by F.A.F.
Additional lyrics by F.A.F.