Psychotic Waltz
First, I can honestly say, that without my father, who passed away in a car accident while I was recording the new Darkstar CD in Germany last winter ('98) Psychotic Waltz would probably have never existed.

It was when I was a kid, I saw him play an electric guitar and it gave me goosebumps, my dad was rockin'!!! From that moment on I was in love with the instrument...
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Psychotic Waltz

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Psychotic Waltz — Shattered Sky lyrics

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the universe is in my eye
shattered are the pages of the word
everbody's praying to the nothing in the sky
they cry for what they've laid upon the world

blue for the shattered sky

everybody's looking to the sky
waiting for the rain to pour into their overflowing hands
waiting, waiting

this life is mine
i'm living in my time
you gave, you slaved
you thought that you'd be saved
now you're waiting like the flies
to drag your tongue across my eyes
i claw into my hole all the ashes of my soul

blue for the shattered sky