Over It
A Negative Progression band, distributed by Suburban Home. Emerging from the streets of Northern Virginia in 1998, Over It has pushed to create an aggressive yet melodic sound to bring out the best of the Virginia music scene. The songs 'B-54' and 'Frictionless' should be on there, along with three new tracks...
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Over It — Ashland lyrics

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Watched this clock turn around itself a thousand times
and i still can't understand why these words wont change your mind
you can't help searching for lost open eyes
and i once said i would have given my arms to hold you
but i've heard the rain fall outside
if this is for all the times i've hurt you
i've shed so many tears inside
turn my eyes across the room but you never seem to be there
but there you are
if i could cross my heard this last time
just watch you walk away unseen
then i could turn around and know exactly where we are