Over It
A Negative Progression band, distributed by Suburban Home. Emerging from the streets of Northern Virginia in 1998, Over It has pushed to create an aggressive yet melodic sound to bring out the best of the Virginia music scene. The songs 'B-54' and 'Frictionless' should be on there, along with three new tracks...
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Over It — Sebastion lyrics

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Goodbye my friends I have a girlfriend I won't be seeing you now.
Hope that I can make it on my own because I know.
I can't be all you need me to be here.
I took ten steps when we only needed one.
But still I'm wrong that already said and done.
Here I am to face the day
and here I am to play this daily game that we play now.
I never understood just why I can close my eyes and still find my way home.
I guess that with them open I would still fall anyway.
Well I do think you only want what's best for you.
Your conversation is pushing me aside.
It's still been fun on this condescending ride.