In 1996, David and Jordi left their former band and decided to create a new group, more metallic than the first one.

At the beginning, the trio formed by David, Jordi and the drummer Dani, played Metallica and Iron Maiden best songs, as well as they created their own compositions.
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Lorien — The Silent Mermaid lyrics

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I am a mermaid in love with a man
So I was punished, my tongue was cut off
I can sing no more but I talk with tears
Pain fills my heart drown in fear.

I spend my time gazing at ships passing by
Looking for my beloved among the crew
I swim towards him 'till he looks at me
Hoping he will guess my desire.

If I only could sing
I would have his heart
In my hand.

He would be caught
In the spell
Cast by my melody.

(but) I'm a silent Mermaid
I'm mute forevermore
Even if I weep
I wont be heard.

I am eager to save from a wreck
My dear sailor to be close to him
In a tight embrace we will reach the shore
I will not let him leave me alone.

It's hard to remember how long I have been
Waiting for my lucky day to come
Though I have no voice
My lips hope to kiss
And my heart is filled