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The band Damage was founded by Jonas Soderling (d), Joakim Lundberg (b), Tony Eriksson (g) and Stefan Jonsson (g).

Spring 1988

The former singer of Sefer Jezirah ­ Charles Rytkönen, a good friend of Eriksson, was joining the four-piece.

Early 1989

The band changes their name to Morgana Lefay. Jonsson left the band and was replaced by Tommi Karppanen, a companion of Rytkönen from the Sefer Jezirah-era. In this line-up, the band recorded their "SOUNDHOUSE TAPES" (an allusion to the unofficial Iron Maiden debut tape that this band recorded on their own risk, pressed and sold via mailorder) named "Symphony Of The Damned". This album was pressed in a limited edition of 537 copies.

Summer 1991

During additional demo recordings (working title: Rumours Of Rain) at FS Studios Soderhamn, Sweden, Lundberg left Morgana Lefay. His successor: Joakim Heder. The superior master quality of this demo tape convinced Black Mark Productions to sign the band. To give the debut album an acceptable total playing time the band added a bonus track and funny enough, this track became the title song of the album: "Knowing Just As I".

Summer 1993

The debut album "Knowing Just As I" was released.

Autumn 1993

The second album entitled "The Secret Doctrine" was produced at the Swedish Wavestation L.A. Studios, and was released in December of the same year. Tours with Invocator & Cemetary through Germany and Switzerland followed.

February 1994

Morgana Lefay played a great gig with Paradise Lost, Clawfinger & Skintrade at the Swedish Metal Music Awards, the so called "Zeppelin Gala".

April 1994

First promotion video entitled "Rooms Of Sleep" was produced.

June 1994

Karppanen left Morgana Lefay and was replaced by Fantasmogoria guitarist Peter Grehn to ensure a tour in Finnland and shows at "The Water Festival" in Stockholm, Sweden and at the "PopKomm" in Cologne, Germany.

Autumn 1994

Grehn left the band, because he wanted to continue with his band Fantasmogoria. The job of the second guitarist was taken over by Daniel Persson the former guitarist of Shotgun Alley.

February 1995

"Sanctified", the third album, got raving reviews.

May 1995

A festival tour with Cemetary, Memento Mori and Tad Morose. The second video clip "To Isengard" was produced.

Summer 1995

The third video clip "In The Court Of Crimson King" was done. Headliner band of the "Rock City Tour" across Sweden.

October 1995

"Past Present Future", the compilation plus four new tracks was released. At the same time they toured with Gamma Ray. Recording start of the fourth new album.

November 1996

The album "Maleficium" was released. The new title track video was getting high rotation on various TV channels.

March 1997

First Headliner tour across middle Europe - supported by the US band Solitude Aeturnus and the German quintet Brainstorm.

September 1997

Heder, Persson and Jonas are moved to Stockholm and therefore left Morgana Lefay. Peter Grehn returned to the duo Eriksson/ Rytkönen with his Fantasmogoria friends Mikael Årsentrop (b) and Robin Engström (d).

Summer/Autumn 1998

Under the modified name "Lefay" the band recorded the new album "The Seventh Seal" for the Noise label.

February 1999

"THE SEVENTH SEAL" was a big success. The album was presented live during a tour with Nevermore.

Summer 1999

The newly recorded "inofficial" debut album "Symphony Of The Damned" got much applause from the numerous fans of the Swedes. The band played on the "Wacken Open Air".

December 1999/January 2000

With the help of the well-known engineer Per Ryberg, Lefay record the conceptalbum ...---... at the Soundcreation studios in Bollnäs, brilliantly mixed by Frederick Nordström at the Göteborg based Fredman studios.

Summer 2000

Various festival appearances, i.e. the "Bang Your Head" in Balingen from June 30th to July 1st, were booked.

August / September 2000

Lefay was the Headliner on the "Lost In Europe" tour. They were touring with Angel Dust, Steel Prophet and StormHammer. In Berlin, the band got dropped by the Label Noise Records.

Begin of 2001

The band was splitting due to some (alcohol) problems of some band members.

June / July 2001

The band got together again and played a gig, to see if the band chemistry still works!

October / November 2001

The band did a few gigs, November 3rd, they played in Bollnäs!

December 2001

In December it was official, that they were back...

March 2003

Lefay has parted ways with bassist Micke Åsentorp, due to difference of opinions basically. Replacement for him is Fredrik Lundberg (Fantasmagoria, Divine Sin, Incarnated...)