Goldie Hill
She was born Angolda Voncile Hill, 11 January 1933, in Karnes City, Texas. Her stage name was Goldie Hill. Hill’s career was far too short in the opinion of many country music fans. It started in 1952 and basically ended when she retired from the music in 1957.

In 1952, she went with elder brother Tommy Hill to his recording session...
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Goldie Hill — Twice As Blue lyrics

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Twice as blue without you I'm just twice as blue today
You didn't treat me right so I thought I might as well just go away
Oh perhaps I could forget you but no matter what I'd do
Seems that I still find you on my mind and now I'm twice as blue
I said who was true what else could I do you made my life so sad
But I know through today I'd take you any old way and I feel just half this bad
Cause I'm twice as blue without you as I never was before
Now I knew you'd win cause here I am again a knocking at your door
[ guitar ]
I said who was true...
A knocking at your door