Garbage's success story has been a remarkable one. Starting out as the brainchild of renowned producer Butch Vig, Garbage at first was only a small experiment, the search for a "moody, industrial, alternative sound" he had formed in his head during his various producing and remixing work. He originally embarked on the project with his studio partner Steve Marker and long-time friend and sidekick Duke Erikson...
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Garbage — So Like a Rose lyrics

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Baby thinks he's dying
Lost inside his bedroom
Mommy won't stop crying
And daddy's always working

There's no going back
There's no going back
There's no going back
On this one

Baby wakes up with the sun
While everyone is sleeping
He thinks he's going crazy
This could be the big one

Sleeping with ghosts
It's such a lonely experience
The stars are out tonight
Only they can hear you breathing

You're so like a rose
I wish you could stay here