Matthew Langston is fed up with all the talk of pain, sorrow, and agony he hears every day on the radio. Over the past year, the music industry has been swept under an avalanche of self-pity and grief by recent trends in popular rock music. Though many of these types of bands have connected with today's youth, Langston, lead vocalist of Greenville, South Carolina pop/punk trio eleventyseven, feels it's time to focus his musical energy on something a bit more uplifting...
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Eleventyseven — The Unicorn Revolt lyrics

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This is over it's the end there's no turning back again whoah I'm beginning to believe all I had to do
was leave you

And it hurts to see you go but I want you to know that somewhere deep inside my heart it's been tearing
me apart and I know you feel it too but God was watching all the time as we ran through all the lines
till we finally let go. let this go

Everything I thought was mine now I found a waste of time so this is where my heart shot it's a place
I'd rather not go