Matthew Langston is fed up with all the talk of pain, sorrow, and agony he hears every day on the radio. Over the past year, the music industry has been swept under an avalanche of self-pity and grief by recent trends in popular rock music. Though many of these types of bands have connected with today's youth, Langston, lead vocalist of Greenville, South Carolina pop/punk trio eleventyseven, feels it's time to focus his musical energy on something a bit more uplifting...
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Eleventyseven — Teenage Heartbreak lyrics

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You believed in the words he spoke and the love she said she had but leaving this and starting over
doesn't sound that bad and he won't care if it ends this way,but you want him to know wasted dreams and a
broken heart are all we have to show

Teenage heartbreak nothing hurts so bad than remembering everything you had

You may cry until it seems there are no more tears to give and it may feel like you have no one and no
reason to live but God wants more for the life you lead and everything you share guys and girls may break
your heart but he'll always be there


Teenage heartbreak nothing hurts so bad then remembering everything you had teenage heartbreaks never
really last that long broken hearts heal when the pain is gone.


It's all over (when the pain is gone) [rpt. 3x]