The Chinese Stars
From the broken pieces of Arab On Radar and Six Finger Satellite a band called The Chinese Stars was formed. Christened after the "Chinese Star Epidemic" of the early 80's which found legions of grade school kids across America armed with "shrunken" throwing stars, the band vowed to reinvent what they have already invented in their previous bands...
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The Chinese Stars

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The Chinese Stars — Sick Machine lyrics

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hey hey hey, don't forget to put that mouth into your pocket
so you can maintain the evil of your diet
you could build a bone toilet with the calories that roll off your shoulder
it could be a monument to our eating disorders

you are a virus
I am no longer a host for you

you got no manners in the bedroom get the jumper cables upstairs
you got no manners in the bedroom get your mattress out of 5th gear

I became a drunk driver to find a vaccine
for immunity against your sick machine
you could build a support group
with the germs that you bring on vacation
you buy and sell my hopes as a Wall Street patient